Sunday, August 30, 2009

LiveStrong Toby Ryan

Yesterday morning after I dressed my mom came in and goes ‘Karen! You look like Lance Armstrong today” So I immediately thought to myself . . . ‘WOW! What does she mean by that?! Does she mean that my abs look this good?


or that I look THIS good in Oakley sunglasses??!


But no, when I thought about it, and looked in the mirror I saw this


Do you see it?!


So Saturday I did look like Lance – livestrong lance

Also in this picture is my good friend Toby Ryan and this was at his album release party. I am so proud of him and would encourage you to check out his new cd. You can download it off of iTunes and get it on amazon and many other places.


So go to his site here or here and check out his sound. He writes, plays and performs all his own stuff!

All I Need - Toby Ryan

…..I think I may have to become a groupie!


Añaychayki! said...

me tooo

KeegAndWysGhee said...

What a neat tribute to a cool young man and how cute you did look in your black and yellow. Thanks for sharing.

BlaqStarr said...

Ha! This is too cute. I downloaded Toby's album the other day, but I want a physical album as well. Any idea where, or how I can get one?

Marissa said...

You look much better in yellow than Lance does ;)!!