Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My son is *sniff* eight



- Eight years old today!
- Weighs 85 pounds, but tends to put on a bit more over winter
- Still sleeps with the blanket he got on the first night I brought him home
- Loves bones, pecans and puppiccinos from Starbucks
- Loves to be scratched anytime and his favorite place is his chest
- Runs as fast as he can every morning when we get to work but is more tired lately when we get home at night
- Answers to dogdog, black diamond, pooter, blackie, brassy, brassy boy, brass dog
- Is growing more and more white hairs
- Had stitches this year
- Loves to drink from the fountain at work


Dear Brass, when you read this on your 18th birthday, I just want you to know what a blessing you have been to me. You have given me 10 precious solid black grand pups and many days of running and playing. Your companionship is nothing if not perfect and I hope that in the years to come we will continue to enjoy our time together. You are my son and bring so much joy daily to me and your grandparents. I love you! Mommy


please take this as a funny, not serious thing!!! haha

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EngineersFalcon said...

HA! I totally cracked up.

Dear DogDog,

When you first became my nephew you were wild and crazy and just a little puppy, but your cousins were so tiny I thought you might accidentally squash them. In addition, I am not really a "big dog" person, or a little dog person really, so we may not have gotten off on the best of paws. However, as you have grown up I have come to really love you. You and your cousin Keeg are so much alike. You are really becoming a distinguished gentleman and you are a great addition to our family.