Friday, September 25, 2009

Flashback Friday


ok who was not cute when they were little? my question is - what happened to all of us?

here is a few pictures of me when i was little. people ask me all the time if my hair color is real - i am thinking if they saw these pictures there would be no doubt!
this is me and my two best friends from childhood - Mauri and Monica

do you have any favorite childhood memories that you would like to share?


PrincessSedai said...

You are way adorable! Great idea - sorry I had to steal it! Sis
I love you Auntie - Princess

KeegAndWysGhee said...

cute just like your sister's.

KarenLee said...

i started it! =P

Anonymous said...

favorite memory... just holding this little red-headed baby girl. ;) hugs, antkaren

Mauri said...

Oh my goodness! I can't believe you found a picture of us when we were that little! Too cute. And I'll vouch for your read hair from way back in the day!

Molly said...

are you kidding?? how could you be so cute?? I could you?!? I love looking at these pics....takes me back to sweet memories. Enjoyed looking at Rebecca's too.