Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Yesterday's News

My Sister (who I have to thank for my blog design) does this post thing called Yesterday’s News. So I thought I would copy her and do that also!

So here is yesterday’s news:

It was a very hot day here in Texas, around 104 F or 40 C (for you peeps across the pond). As I was driving to the gym, the street was melted. I decided to drive in the areas where it was not melted and I am sure everyone around me thought I was crazy. But come on – why ruin a good paint job on my Jeep?


After the gym I went to a softball game – my boss’s daughter’s game. Man, can that 13 year old throw! It was hot there too.

I kept Brass (my black lab) with me for most of the day. When we had to go out and talk to a contractor about trees, he just dug himself a hole to lay in. Again – to get out of the heat.


As mentioned earlier I did go to the gym. I had not been in a while because I am doing Fiddler on the Roof at night. I am positive I will be sore – I was hurting by the second weight track in my power class. Ugh!

Did I mention it was hot? Well not this hot or this hot but pretty hot! Maybe I can get the naked cowboy to come down here and join us in the heat!

I got four comments on my new blog! I am famous!

So that’s it – feel free to comment or just enjoy.



jenna. said...

nope. the naked cowboy CAN NOT come down and join us. sorry.

PrincessSedai said...

LOVE the pic links - you are good blogger girl. A natural even. There are a lot of things I miss about West TX, but the smell of melted asphalt IS NOT one of them. Today it is in the 70s (sorry geeky and across the pond peeps, I am not yet able to convert) and rainy.

TheEngineer said...

I LOVED the pics you linked to about how hot it was. I didn't want to follow the cowboy one, but somebody ( made me.
Anyway, I also want to give you some geek props for using celsius and for the title of your first post. "Hello World" is the unofficial test line for any computer programmer learning to write print statements. I'm willing to overlook the fact that you probably didn't know that, this time.