Monday, June 15, 2009

Hello World!

Hello world it’s me, Karen! This is my first attempt at blogging and I am excited to get going. I am intrigued that the word blogging is not recognized by Microsoft Word. So anyway here it is. I thought I should start by telling you a little bit about myself. I have published this silly little snippet many times before in various forms, so you may have read it already! Enjoy

It was a dark and stormy night, I sat, cigarette in hand, gazing out into the darkness. The only light came from the small lamp sitting on my desk, which flickered with the thunder, and a hazy street light up the road that left a cone of yellow in the inky wet blackness. A crash of lightening and there she stood. Her slim frame was silhouetted by the flash of light and her bright red hair dripped slightly from the rain. Why was she here you ask, with tears streaming down her porcelain white cheeks, well this dame had a problem that I could fix. Just call me Tracy, private eye. ‘Come in,’ I said, and as I ushered her into my office. I could see that she was upset. ‘What could be wrong’ I thought to myself as she silently sat and wiped her gray eyes. ‘I...’ she started, ‘I need help starting a blog.’ ‘What?’ I thought, ‘This fun-loving girl, who loves to travel, take pictures, and spend time with family and friends needs help starting a blog?’ ‘Continue’ I chimed in ‘tell me a little more about yourself.’ ‘Well Tracy,’ she said ‘ I just don’t really know what to write about… I enjoy going to church, but I also like baseball, well all sports, as well as video games.’ Just as the last word came out of her mouth, the lights went out and I was left in the black midnight air with my thoughts. ‘Would it, could it be possible to find this cutie a blog that she was happy with and topics to write about?’ At that moment the lights jolted on, causing my head to snap up, bringing my thoughts back to reality, and she was gone.

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PrincessSedai said...

Hey sis - I love it! Welcome to blogland - I will feature a link to you in "Yesterday's News" tomorrow. Also, I love the revised bio - very nicely done. You are a welcome addition to our crazy little universe.

TheEngineer said...

Welcome to blogging (I say as if I have one of my own)! Actually I might, but the links and status updates I post on Facebook are probably more than enough of me for anyone but my wife. ... Anyway, I've always loved the story you posted. Have fun. I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you write.

Anonymous said...

hahaha - we need to find another cool one for my blog! (and get me a blog btw!).

Awesome first post! I'll be sure to check in to read your upcoming posts. yay!

The beat goes on!

xo Susan

jenna. said...

i updated for you.