Friday, September 3, 2010

{Embrace} the camera

hello all my blog world friends. I have a super fun post coming up about my last weekend in Houston - BUT so that I will not have two posts back to back about various trips to Houston I have a new post today. My sister was not with her kids this Thursday so she ask me to {embrace} the camera with them this week. Head on over to Bethany's blog - find her in my side column - to find the source of {embrace}. Ok so all I thought that I needed to do was to grab the kids and shoot. NOT as easy as I thought. This is what I came out with.


here is a hint for next post - come back soon!


EngineersFalcon said...

yay! thanks for embracing for me sis - cute and funny pics.

The Engineer said...

Ha, mom. I see you trying to sneak in there! These are great, and no, it's not easy to get a picture of them at the same time.

bethany said...

Cute etc! They are lucky to have such a fun aunt!