Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Tattoos have always been a slightly taboo subject in my household. But, and my mother can vouch for this, I have been a bit obsessed with them since I was about 13. I think it was about this time that I announced to my said mother, that I wanted to get a tattoo. Now don’t get me wrong, all I wanted was a band around my ankle, but the whole idea was put in a box and buried in the back yard for what my mom hoped was well over a hundred years. Well I did get a tattoo when I was 24, a very small one on the top of my foot. But that is not really what this post is about. I wanted to briefly research the history and share with you some pictures of some amazing tattoos. When I started my research I found that there is so much history on tattoos that it’s impossible to even touch on the subject in one blog post.

That said, I would like you to head on over to the Random History website and read their brief history, if you are interested. Here is the beginning of the article:

Asserting that he was not his brother’s keeper, Cain lashed out at Abel, committing a deed that could not be undone. In response to Cain’s anxiety about subsequent potential threats to his own life, the Lord placed a mark, or what might be considered the first tattoo, on Cain. Multifaceted and complex in its meaning, his tattoo not only condemned him but also protected him, made him famous, and marked him as a committed rebel. As in the Bible, the Greeks, Romans, and Japanese would also routinely tattoo criminals, slaves, and “undesirables” and, like the Biblical mark, those tattoos were often polyphonic in their meaning (Gray 1994). Tattoos have not only marked rebels but have also communicated clan membership, religious or tribal affiliation, social status, and marital position...

Interesting no?

You can read the rest HERE

I would like to share some tattoo pictures that I have found online that fit into my “these are amazing works of art tattoos, but why would anyone do that” category.

First of all a foot tat. My tattoo is on the top of my foot and it hurt really badly. I cannot imagine what this guy went through!


This one would fit in with my line of work – but how long do you think this took?!


I actually think this tattoo is really beautiful. What do you think?


Next, I have a few fan tattoos to share.

The ‘tribute’ tattoo. I actually think this is a brilliant tattoo. It is in what I hear is the most painful place to get a tat. But wow – so neat!


This next one is just plain awesome. Twilight is a big deal right now and I imagine that many many fans will get twilight tats. See if you can figure out this one.

Upright it says werewolf


Upside down it says vampire (wow)


There are many celebrities who sport tattoos, but I believe the most known is Angelina Jolie. Here are a few of her back tattoos.


So that is my foray into the world of tattoos, and who knows, I might get another one someday. Now to wrap up – I promised some of my ‘Cher’ friends that I would post their tattoos. I was interested that the ones that sent pictures actually covered many of Cher’s decades.

Starting out is Susan’s with the 80’s. Cher actually sports this tat on her self titled album from 1987.


Next is the believe tour from the late 90s from Carol


Coming up on the 2000s we have the Farewell tour logo from Sara


and finally we have the here and now – Roni has the, we will call it the 2010s, logo from the Caesars Palace, Coliseum concerts


So there you have it! Some great pieces of art, and some die hard fans.

Tell me – what do you think of tattoos? Would you ever get one? Have you always wished to get one? Do you have a favorite that is posted here? What will your next tattoo be of??

Please share or start a discussion!


Meagan said...

I love that tree.. gosh that is beautiful! I hate most tattoos, but there are some that are just so beautiful. I don't know, if I were to ever get a tattoo, it would be something representing my boys.

zumbabren said...

I've always been enamored with tattoos also. I'm 52 and got my first at 40. I now have 8. Each one is personal and has a story. My favorite is Woodstock (the Snoopy character) on my boob. He's bright yellow and in flight, all happy! My most recent is a beautiful colorful sparrow on my foot. It hurt like a mother... but worth it. My stepson has a tattoo shop... check it out at I love the tree. Scott at Identity Ink did a similar tree and it was fabulous!

Carol Soputa said...

awwww I love it!!! and really funny that you got all the decades, except for 60s and 70s. but its so good! and man I loved the angel wings one!!!!!!
Great blog Karen!!! Miss you!

BlaqStarr said...

I have been wanting a tat (or a couple) for a while now. The only thing keeping me back has been the finances. There is this certain design that I want mirrored and placed on each of my massive calves, because I'm pretty sure that would be the coolest place for them. However, I do admit to have a semi-low tolerance for pain, so if I did them they would have to be done at the same time. I'm afraid that I would leave and not come back to finish. I mean, I was 22 when I got traditional piercings in my ears and I though I was gonna pass out. So, we'll see. I do love these inklings, though!