Saturday, July 25, 2009

Touched - NEW LINK

I have taken or taught dance for the last 14 years and am so thrilled that we actually have dance shows on tv that share many different kind of dance. Dancing with the Stars is great and I really enjoy it, but my very favorite dance show is So You Think You Can Dance. Maybe I love it because the kids come on the show as trained dancers and can pretty much do anything they are given. They are such a joy to watch and you can tell they all truly love to dance. SYTYCD is a highlight of every summer for me, and this year it will be in the fall also! I pretty much enjoy every dance and all dance styles, but this last Wednesday I was so touched by a number danced by Melissa and Ade. It was choreographed by Tyce to a song called This Woman’s Work and dealt with the subject of breast cancer. Melissa and Ade are my favorite dancers this season and I was so pleased that they were chosen to dance this moving and emotional number. Please watch it – you may need tissues – I did!

Long Version – with Story and Judges Comments


PrincessSedai said...

Thank you for posting this. It is so powerful, and what an amazing range of emotions and powerful story they told. I may just start watching SYTYCD thanks to this post.

BlaqStarr said...

Well, the links you've posted aren't operable anymore, but I went on a hunt for the performance. I found it and watched it... So beautiful in so many ways.

KarenLee said...

oh boo! i will see if i can remedy that - thanks for letting me know Brian!