Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm a Girl

OK so apparently I have been on a jewelry buying kick lately. It might be related to my recent commission check or it might just be that I am a girl.

Starting out with this, uhhh, little jewel.
oh well I did not buy this one but I do think it's cool that TTU has this new sculpture at the alumni building. I have a pinkie ring that looks just like it!

This next one is from James Avery . I have been wanting a new thumb ring and this one just fit me perfectly.


I love the fleur de lis!

I have purchased from Untamed Menagerie in the past and this time I was not disappointed in my purchase!


This piece is called Marine Antoinette

Another bracelet I did not purchase is this one.


Judith brought it to me from her mission trip to Bogota, Columbia!

My next find is one of my favorite souvenirs from Walt Disney World. (oh come back later this week - there will be many WDW posts soon!! )


Maps in need of recycling at Disney World are gathered and sent to Uganda, Africa. They are cut and made into strips and then into beads. Disney then sends all of then money made from selling the beads back to Uganda. Very cool!

And lastly this little antique locket.


the girl that makes them hand paints teeny little pictures inside. I love it! and many people have already ask about it


Have you made any great purchases lately?!


EngineersFalcon said...

mmmm.... jewelry! I love it. I have a hat and sweatshirt I am in love with I recently purchased. Oh, and some sunglasses that are the bomb.

BlaqStarr said...
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BlaqStarr said...

I haven't made any purchases as of late, but I finally started wearing the oh-so-fab pair of feather and turquoise earrings I brought back from H&M in New York! I cannot believe I waited so long to break them out!